scape tools

it's the year of the banner #YOTB

Punkscapes are the seminal banner NFT project. I love Punkscapes. Check out my collection.

Why do I love Punkscapes? In a nutshell…

  1. Culture Culture is made of stories, and stories need both characters and a setting. Profile pictures are the characters. Profile banners are the setting. Bullish.

  2. Profile banners It’s an untapped part of the “profile real estate”. Bullish.

  3. The people The team is OP. The community is awesome. Bullish.

I made some small tools for Punkscapes. Check them out!


Get your punkscape in any 3x1 resolution. Physical prints, desktop backgrounds, the possibilities are endless…

Valid Punkscape ID is required.
Valid width is required.


Menubar app for live desktop backgrounds of 27 Year Scapes.